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Why organic cotton?

Conventional cotton is grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to avoid damage by insects. Pesticides not only penetrate the skin but can also be inhaled. Exposure through handling pesticides is potentially poisonous for workers. Traces of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and defoliants can all be found in cotton after harvesting.

A lot of cotton is also treated with formaldehyde or other chemicals to protect it during transport or in wet areas. Studies show that formaldehyde can cause a range of allergies. Fred's World by Green Cotton does not accept cotton farmed using these chemicals.

The dying process for conventional cotton can be both poisonous and environmentally dangerous. Fred's World by Green Cotton uses dye houses with closed systems where waste water is thoroughly cleaned. Green Cotton only uses synthetic, environmentally friendly dyes with no heavy metals. Together with soaps and perfumes, chemicals in can increase the risk of allergies and eczema in children.

Founder Leif Nørgaard with his daughter Sanne Nørgaard who currently heads Fred's World



Cotton products

We use GOTS because we care about our environment and the people who produce our collections. GOTS is the strictest label in the world and the certification also includes social criteria to secure better working conditions for the people who manufacture our clothes.

GOTS ensures an organic approach from beginning to end-product and provides a credible assurance that you are buying the most environmentally friendly, pollutant free clothes for your children.

All of our cotton products are GOTS certified.

Products like rainwear and skisuits can not be made of cotton. For this we use the most sustainable label available. Right now it is Bluesign.

Do you want to read more? Visit www.global-standard.org

Meet Fred

When deciding to have a mascot, the choice fell on a frog since it is found in the Danish nature. It is green and it is one of the creatures in Denmark most vulnerable to changes in the Nature. Fred is visible on all garments from us, sending a strong signal - we care!

In Danish the word FRED means Peace - what we want in Fred's World..

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